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Buy CBD Isolate Online Of the many different kinds of cannabidiol (CBD) available today, one form that stands out is CBD isolate. The major distinction of CBD isolate versus other CBD products has to do with its incredibly high purity.

Unlike full spectrum or even distillate, CBD isolate is composed of as close to 100 percent CBD as humanly possible.

This means you won’t find any additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, or contaminants in a CBD isolate product.Buy CBD Isolate Online

To produce this high purity content, manufacturers repeatedly expose their hemp to solvents, extreme heat, and extreme cold.

CBD isolate is typically sold as a white, odorless powder, but chemists could leave the solution in dark temperature-controlled rooms to harden into slabs.

Although every form of CBD isolate is odorless and tasteless, some people prefer working with slabs rather than powders.

What Is CBD Slab Used For?

The major pro for CBD slabs is that they’re easy to dab and vape. Whether you’ve got a dabbing rig or a vaporizer pen, you should have no issues breaking off a piece of your CBD slab and inhaling the vapors.

Since there’s only CBD in these slabs, consumers won’t have to worry about the intoxicating effects of THC. This makes this product great for people who want a quick, potent burst of their favorite cannabinoid any time of the day.Buy CBD Isolate Online

While dabbing and vaporizing are the most popular ways people ingest CBD slabs, there are a few other ways someone could use this product.

For instance, consumers could insert CBD slabs into various edibles like butter, cookies, and brownies. Sometimes people even melt CBD slabs and mix them with skin-safe oils or moisturizers to make a homemade CBD skin cream.

Powder vs. Slab: Similarities and differences

Anyone who’s into dabbing will always prefer CBD slabs over CBD powder. The reason is simple: CBD powder makes a mess when you’re trying to load it into your vaporizer. That doesn’t mean, however, that CBD powder is without benefits.

For instance, CBD isolate powder is extremely easy to take sublingually (i.e., under the tongue). Just like dabbing bypasses the digestive system, so does sublingual ingestion.

This ensures your body is absorbing as much CBD as possible, greatly helping you determine and maintain your ideal daily dosage.

Like CBD slabs, CBD powder is easy to bake with. On top of mixing CBD powder into edibles, many people like to sneak this powder into their daily cup of coffee or tea.

It’s also possible to mix CBD slabs into beverages, but most users claim the powder is more convenient for this purpose.

CBD slabs are an obvious choice for anyone interested in dabbing or vaping pure CBD. For those who are interested in taking CBD sublingually, CBD isolate powder or crystals might be a better idea. In terms of making edibles, however, both of these isolate products perform equally well.

Is Isolate The Best CBD Product?

You might assume because CBD isolate is close to 100 percent pure that it’s the “best” CBD product. CBD isolate certainly has its advantages, but it all depends on what you are looking for.

On the pros side, CBD isolate is totally free of solvent residue, potentially harmful contaminants, and psychoactive compounds.

Because CBD isolate is so highly concentrated, it’s also very easy to dose this product when taking it sublingually, through a vaporizer pen, or via a dabbing rig. Thirdly, this form of CBD has no taste or harsh odor, which makes it quite stealthy and easy to swallow.

The major drawback of using CBD isolate, however, is that you can’t take advantage of the “entourage effect.” Basically, the “entourage effect” refers to a phenomenon in which various cannabinoids, terpenes, and antioxidants work together to produce a stronger physiological effect.

The research into this effect is ongoing, but it shows great promise. Anyone who wants to take advantage of other healing compounds in the cannabis plant most likely won’t like CBD isolate products.

Are CBD Slabs Right For You?

Are you interested in dabbing or vaporizing pure CBD? If you answered “yes,” then CBD slabs are for you. Besides their ease of use in dabbing rigs and vaporizer pens, CBD slabs are also great for those who want to incorporate CBD into edibles or skincare lotions.

Wholesale CBD Slabs Pricing

West Coast Nugz  offers competitive pricing in all CBD isolate products, including wholesale CBD slabs.

Our primary goal is to keep our customers happy so you can buy from us time and time again. That’s why we offer huge discounts to our first-time clients, with a promise of savings when they return to place additional orders.

Our bulk CBD slabs are affordable and we offer lighting-fast shipping within 24 hours of payment. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us any day or time of the week. Our staff are available to answer any questions you have!


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