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by Beanz on

Best exotic buds connect so far

by kentrell Lagoon on

Thanks for the supplies, really appreciate. Top shelf nugs y'all got by the way

You are highly welcome, our first priority as a dispensary for the people is trying to satisfy all our clients to the maximum level.

by Deston Tax on

Now why did you all delay with my last delivery? your products good but my delivery came like 3 days late,thats wack

Sorry for the delay but we are sure its due to the current situation in the country; Covid-19 makes delivery to be a little late but we will ensure our best to make delivery more swift.Thanks

by Jamie Hensy on
Forbidden fruit

Great uppity high. I used this in concentrate form with my vape pen and it was an awesome high. It kept me very energetic, focused and alert. The taste was slightly piney and the smell was beautiful. I felt calm and coordinated.

by Magnus Mike on
Black Cherry Gelato backpackboyz

Straightforward head fog and buzz with this one. Spent the evening laughing and questioning my way through The Untouchables on this one. Good stuff

Backpackboyz together with Cookies are leading the exotic cannabis market out here in the west coast not just because of its fancy packaging but its potency

by jeremih on
Black Zourz

Love it ..needs some now

by Jay Solo Dolo on

Those Raw Gardens, Muha Meds Carts and Rove Big Chief Extracts you all sent to me are all authentic but just had a few cases like 2 where the distillate leaked

Ensure to send us clear pictures of the leaked cartridges we will reimburse you on your next order get in touch with us ASAP so we can keep your records and complaint. Thanks

by Glizzy Brix on

Hey you all need to tighten up the box you all mail in next time wasn’t really satisfied with your packaging this time around

okay sir, sorry for that but you can tell its your first time experiencing this if you have been shopping from us meaning is a packaging error we sincerely sorry that, it won’t ever happen again as we got more secured and reliable vacuum packaging system.Thanks

by Oprah Joyce on
Cavair Gold

Decent strain, but their are stronger, tastier ones out there. Hits hard, but doesnt last long enough. Pretty earthy smell, almost woodys.

by Gabriel on
Bruce Banner

Just Great Good Inhale an out hale I would recommend this to anyone who likes to be elevated an medicated.✌

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