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Where to Buy Big Smokey Farms Tins Online Big Smokey Farms Tins for Sale Online Order Big Smokey Farms Tins Online Buy Big Smokey Farms Tins Online  Mochi, sometimes known as Mochi Gelato, is a tasty strain developed by San Francisco-based growers Sherbinskis.

Named after the soy-based Japanese dessert, Mochi is a combination of staple hybrid Girl Scout Cookies and fruity Sunset Sherbet.

It carries a sweet, herbal aroma and an even balance of mental and physical effects. This strain’s THC content has been measured at between 21% and a whopping 29%.

Mochi establishes its bag appeal immediately with large, colorful flowers. These jumbo buds cling together in a pronounced conical formation.Order Big Smokey Farms Tins Online

They also have a dense internal structure, with a solid core made up of tightly-coiled leaves.Buy Big Smokey Farms Tins Online

These leaves are a stunning mix of mossy green and deep purple, the latter of which comes courtesy of high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin in this strain’s genetics.

Finally, a profusion of curly orange pistils makes these already colorful buds even more eye catching.

When properly cured, Mochi’s flowers give off a subtle floral aroma, similar to that of potpourri, and a closer whiff detects the sweet scent of vanilla.

When broken apart or ground up, it gives off the earthy, toasted odor that’s so characteristic of parent strain Girl Scout Cookies.

Combusting in a pipe or a joint results in a smooth, subtly-flavored smoke that’s easy to inhale. On the exhale, this smoke tastes vaguely of vanilla and mint.Big Smokey Farms Tins for Sale Online

The high from Mochi comes on slowly, only hitting users about 10 to 15 minutes after ingestion. When it does arrive, users will feel a head-rush that may be accompanied by other facial sensations, increased pulse around the temples or flushing in the cheeks.Buy Big Smokey Farms Tins Online

As these sensations dissolve, smokers may find that their thoughts have taken on an elevated quality, leading users to find a fascination with otherwise mundane concepts or objects.

All this cerebral activity may lead to productivity on detailed tasks, as well as on open-ended creative projects.

In certain circumstances, Mochi may cause sensory distortions like mild visual or auditory hallucinations. Users who enjoy these trippy experiences can push them to the max with atmospheric enhancements like moody music or a visually engaging movie. Order Big Smokey Farms Tins Online

As time passes, or as dosage is increased, Mochi’s initially cerebral effects melt into more of a heavy body stone.

A progressive sense of relaxation that radiates outward through the core, untying knots of muscular tension and enabling deep, easy breathing.

Those who are lounging at home when this sedation hits are liable to feel themselves sinking into their surroundings as the outside world recedes into the background.

In this later phase of the high, Mochi may leave smokers able to do little more than lounge with a movie or some board games.

Because of its slow dip into physical immobilization, Mochi is recommended consumption beginning in late afternoon or early evening.Where to Buy Big Smokey Farms Tins Online

Mochi’s versatile high can be surprisingly valuable for medical cannabis patients. The zoned-in thinking that comes with its onset can help those with ADD to concentrate on one task at a time.

Additionally, its general euphoria may temporarily distract from the difficult symptoms of stress, depression, and even anxiety.

On the physical end of the spectrum, Mochi may dull pain that is due to chronic conditions like lupus or diabetes and its anti-inflammatory properties may take the sting out of everyday aches.Buy Big Smokey Farms Tins Online

Because its cerebral properties can take a turn into paranoia depending on the setting, Mochi is not recommended for patients who are predisposed to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

Sherbinskis has not cultivated seeds of Mochi for online purchase. Instead, those looking to grow at home should seek out a trusted cultivation source to obtain clippings, to be fostered as “clones” which can be grown indoors or outdoors in a hot, humid climate.Buy Big Smokey Farms Tins Online

Plants lean more towards indica, with short, bushy stature and strong lateral branching patterns.Big Smokey Farms Tins for Sale Online

Growers who want to highlight the strain’s intense purple hues should expose their plants to nighttime temperatures between 55 and 65 degrees, a few days before flowering begins, which happens around the ninth week for indoor growers.

A potent and full-flavored strain, Mochi is worth seeking out by sativa and indica lovers alike. Its dynamic effects are as fun to savor alone as they are to share with likeminded friends.

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