Lemonade strains for sale: All eyes on Sativa

Take a dash of Sativa and combine it with meticulous genetics. Then add sugary sweet notes and extensive cultivation expertise to the mix. Are you still unsure of what you’ve just cooked up? A Lemonade strain, of course. This line is noted for its exclusive Sativa-dom hybrids that – quite literally – blow you away.

Each of the Lemonade varieties is the brainchild of two big-name brands: Lemonade and Cookies. The latter is lauded for its Sativas that deliver an unforgettable experience complete with unique flavors. Clearly, the result of their collaboration is beyond words.

Buy Lemonade weed to treat yourself to a punch

Lemonade is probably not for beginners looking to savor relaxing effects. Although it does offer Indica-dominant hybrids, most of the brand’s strains are Sativa-focused and loaded with THC. You can even find varieties that pack over 30% of this cannabinoid, like Pineapple Piss and Lions Mane. And it’s not the exception to the rule. Other Lemonade hybrids will impress you with at least 20% THC.

Despite such a strong punch, Lemonade strains deliver apparent Sativa effects that can be used for medical conditions. Sure, if you need something for your pain, you better try CBD-rich cannabis. But you will certainly benefit from Lemonade varieties if you suffer from:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • decreased appetite

If your condition isn’t listed above, read a more detailed description of the product you want. At Westcoastnugz, you can get to know each Lemonade cannabis strain online as you surf through the assortment.

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