Tear Gas Strain by Gas House


27.0% THC
0.25% CBD








Order Tear Gas Strain by Gas House Tear Gas Strain for Sale  Buy Tear Gas Strain By Gas House Tear Gas has a fuel dominate flavor profile thanks to its parent strains. This strains engine with Sour Diesel, a legendary linage is known for its revved up release of stress, pain, and depression. We completed the cross with OG, for a fuel-filled body high that’s piney on the exhale.

Gas House OG will blow down the house and lift you into a new state of relaxation and sensory pleasure. This strain is great for lifting away the pain, fatigue, and all of the stress that life throws your way. You won’t find this dank strain anywhere else, we keep the seeds secret at our Gas House labs.

The Tear Gas strain is an exclusive offering from Gas House, one of the foremost purveyors of chronic in California. Their brand is broody and dark but the final product reflects great standards and practices. Their Mochilato strain was pretty good, but this Tear Gas is something to write home about. From the jar to the smoke, this product has been one of my favorite reviews of this year’s West Coast Weed Tour.Buy Tear Gas Strain By Gas House

Gas House’s lead mask Kingston learned how to grow cannabis the hard way, in the illicit markets of Atlanta, Georgia. Now he’s turning heads in California’s legal market.Order Tear Gas Strain by Gas House

The jar features fantastic graphic design with bold yellow fonts and trim with a chilling gas mask character, like something encountered in Fallout 4.Tear Gas Strain for Sale

The Tear Gas strain is an in house cultivar that reeks as the name suggests with some extra woody notes. Each bud is oblong and rocky, sporting soft greens and a milky trichome colorway.Buy Tear Gas Strain By Gas House

Each bowl I smoked went down with smooth earthy flavors. The relaxing and motivational high became apparent quickly. My mood was elevated from the jump and sitting down to work for the day feeling breezy. This is one of those strains that can be used to relax and get work done. It’s a complex high and a classic terpene profile.Tear Gas Strain for Sale

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