Snow Man Cookies


20% THC
0.1% CBD







How Can I Buy Snow Man Cookies Where to Buy Snow Man Cookies Order Snow Man Cookies Online Snow Man Cookies for Sale Online Buy Snow Man Cookies Online Berner and Cookies SF decided this time to make something a little different, something better than most of their previous strains,Snow hitting hard like Gary Payton but makes you really active like Cereal Milk Cookies….every single stoner who had this experience comes for more without hesitating.How Can I Buy Snow Man Cookies

Berner’s Snowman is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created as a descendant of the classic Girl Scout Cookies strain by infamous rapper and breeder, Berner, best known for being friends with Wiz Khalifa.Buy Snow Man Cookies Online

Although its exact indica to sativa ratios are unknown, it is thought to be sativa dominant because of its heavy head hitting effects.Snow Man Cookies for Sale Online

The high starts with a happy and relaxed lift that leaves you feeling incredibly creative and motivated with a hazy sense of focus.Buy Snow Man Cookies Online

This haze will slowly overtake your mind with a stoniness that leaves you lazy and introspective. As this head high builds, a slight body stone will take over the rest of you, leaving you hungry and sleepy, although not quite completely sedated.Order Snow Man Cookies Online

Because of these effects and its THC level that is said to be well over 20%, Berner’s Snowman is perfect for treating conditions such as depression, chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and chronic stress.Where to Buy Snow Man Cookies

This bud has large and lumpy dark forest green nugs with a spattering of thin amber hairs and an insanely frosty coating of tiny amber hued crystal trichomes.Buy Snow Man Cookies Online

Like its parent strain, Berner’s Snowman has a sweet kushy flavor that’s nutty and savory with hints of vanilla spice, and an aroma that is said to be just like your favorite cookie, but with a pungent kick.How Can I Buy Snow Man Cookies

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