Skunk Berry Smart Buds


40% THC
0.42% CBD






Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds Skunk Berry Smart Buds for Sale Order Skunk Berry Smart Buds Where to Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds Shop Skunk berry Smart Buds Known as one of the oldest hybrids out there, Skunkberry is slightly shrouded in mystery. Cultivated from unknown growers, it’s a cross between Blueberry and Skunk which yields a balanced 50/50 strain.Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds

It’s the winner of multiple awards, including best hybrid in 2012 at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup as well as the #1 rec hybrid at the 2016 THC Championship.Where to Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds

Skunkberry can put you on blast depending on what kind of batch you get, with THC levels known to reach up to 40% on the very high end.Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds

Many users find that 15% is more of a realistic average, which still isn’t anything to shake a stick at. As the name entails, it possesses a strong smell and flavor, pungent with skunk and berry notes.Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds

Hints of citrus, specifically lemon, also grace your nose and palate as you take a hit.Shop Skunk berry Smart Buds

Novice smokers or those who are particularly sensitive need to be very careful with this strain, as it’s prone to inducing some strong psychoactive effects which can lead to hallucinations.

Initially, users will feel an uplifted and euphoric high that lends itself to creative or social pursuits. Don’t be surprised if you come down with a case of the giggles as the high kicks into full gear.Order Skunk Berry Smart Buds

As you begin to experience its indica side, you’ll feel incredibly relaxed and get both the munchies and a case of couch lock. Skunkberry is best used at night time or even right before bed because of its strong sedating effect.Order Skunk Berry Smart Buds

A full mind and body high makes Skunkberry an awesome choice for those with chronic pain, as you feel waves of pain relief wash over you soon after taking a hit.Shop Skunk berry Smart Buds

Individuals with depression and anxiety could benefit from this strain in small doses, and your appetite will be boosted with ease even if you have trouble keeping food down.Skunk Berry Smart Buds for Sale

Expect your high to last several hours, as Skunkberry takes you on a ride that eventually ends at a place of calm sleep.Skunk Berry Smart Buds for Sale

Skunkberry is grown from clones and will do well both indoors or outside. Plants won’t get overly large, so even those with smaller grow spaces can take advantage of this harvest.Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds

Flowering time is around 9 weeks or so, and you’ll be gifted with a potent smell and tons of trichome covered buds.Where to Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds

When you need a bit of inspiration and creativity before settling in for a night of deep relaxation, Skunkberry is your gal.Where to Buy Skunk Berry Smart Buds

Managing body pain and mental health concerns extremely well, it’s a strain that can relieve your symptoms quickly. Keep your dosage in check and Skunkberry just might be your new favorite.

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