Rollex OG Kush


23% THC
0.3% CBD






I Want to buy Rolex OG Kush  Where to Buy Rolex OG Kush Online Rolex OG Kush for Sale Order Rolex OG Kush Buy Rolex OG Kush The name alone makes you think of pure luxury, but Rollex OG Kush actually has nothing to do with fancy jewelry. Instead, Dutch breeders at Devil’s Harvest Seeds crossed White Fire OG and Kuchi, resulting in an award-winning strain. This bud has taken home multiple titles at the High Times Cannabis Cup and then some. I Want to buy Rolex OG Kush

A moderately strong bud that averages at 23% THC, Rollex OG Kush is known for her incredibly attractive nugs. Taking on a large and lumpy silhouette that’s super fuzzy, yellow and green tones peek through underneath a layer of thick and sticky resin.Rolex OG Kush for Sale

Pistils are bright but minimal, allowing you to focus in on the gooey appearance that so many love. Her flavors and aromas are a take it or leave it type of situation with skunk, pine, and cheese mingling to create a mixture that’s either delicious or vomit-inducing depending on your preferences.Order Rolex OG Kush

Although she’s far more indica-dominant, Rollex OG Kush tends to bring on sativa-like effects early in your high. Users will sense an immediate cerebral lift that’s full of happiness, motivation, and clarity. Where to Buy Rolex OG Kush Online

You may find that your last hour at the office is incredibly productive with the energy needed to finish up last minute tasks, but don’t expect this sensation to last too terribly long. As the physical effects of this bud start to kick in, sedation becomes the name of the game and often leads users to a deep sleep if they aren’t careful.Buy Rolex OG Kush

Rollex OG Kush tends to be a popular pick for medical patients as she helps to soothe ailments that range from stress and depression to pain and inflammation. Many find that after only one or two puffs the munchies kick in rather strong, making this strain ideal for.Order Rolex OG Kush

r those who struggle with a lack of appetite. When certain conditions end up diminishing your quality of life, it’s great to have a strain like Rollex OG Kush to help get you through the afternoons and evenings without having to think twice about it.Rolex OG Kush for Sale

Growing this strain at home isn’t too terribly difficult as she thrives outside, indoors, or in a greenhouse setting. One thing for cultivators to keep in mind is that her aroma gets to be rather potent, so if you need discretion, opt for an inside setup with a smell proof system. After 8 weeks of maturation, Rollex OG Kush will yield a large harvest.Buy Rolex OG Kush

You might feel quite fancy as you puff on this strain, but before long, the only thing on your mind will be food and sleep. Keep some of Rollex OG Kush handy for those days when you need a little bit of a boost around 4 or 5 pm and then want to settle into complete sedation a few hours later. Where to Buy Rolex OG Kush Online

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