LA Kush LA Kookies


25.6% THC
0.16% CBD







LA Kush LA Kookies for Sale Where to Buy LA Kush LA Kookies Order LA Kush LA Kookies Buy LA Kush LA Kookies Online How to Buy LA Kush LA Kookies LA Kookies is a unique, evenly-balanced hybrid that was first grown in Los Angeles, California as a proprietary product of famous growers Los Angeles Kush.

LA Kookies is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush Breath strains.

This company focuses on not only quality cannabis products, but also high-quality packaging, branding, and apparel that makes the LA Kush brand a lifestyle product.Where to Buy LA Kush LA Kookies

This strain is their take on GSC, it’s the result of backcrossing a potent GSC phenotype with OG Kush Breath (a close relative of GSC).Order LA Kush LA Kookies

The result was dubbed LA Cookies, as the backcross helped enhance not only the terpene profile of this delicious flower but also the genetic attributes inherited from the GSC plant. LA Kookies is recommended for daytime use as the effects will have you feeling awake and stimulated.Buy LA Kush LA Kookies Online

A lot of factors go into deciding which nugs go on sale and which are turned into concentrate. For LA Kookies, the oversized, dark-purple buds with winding burnt orange pistils and a thick layer of crystal trichomes are packaged up in jars.LA Kush LA Kookies for Sale

While the other smaller and more minty-green buds are likely sold as shake, mids, and used in extraction for concentrates. However, both of these dramatically different-looking flowers come from the LA Kookies plant.How to Buy LA Kush LA Kookies

These buds smell like musty earth mixed with sweet pine that can be quite pungent depending on the cure. The flavor is a unique blend of sweet butter, cream, and an incredibly intense cherry candy flavor that lingers in your mouth long after the exhale.Order LA Kush LA Kookies

The high is very evenly-balanced, meaning you could experience a number of effects on either end of the Sativa-Indica spectrum.Where to Buy LA Kush LA Kookies

For most, the high builds subtly in the psyche of consumers and before they know it they’re as high as a kite.How to Buy LA Kush LA Kookies

LA Kookies is known for its powerful mood boosting effects which will immediately erase any negative thoughts, worries, anxieties, or self-consciousness you may be experiencing.LA Kush LA Kookies for Sale

This makes it a great strain to consume when hanging out with friends or even going out to the bars where you might feel out of place or uncomfortable normally.Buy LA Kush LA Kookies Online

LA Kookies is absolutely a social high, and if you’re smoking this one by yourself, you might find yourself talking to your dog just because you can’t shut up.

LA Kookies has reportedly helped ease symptoms of depression, arthritis, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of appetite!

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