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Shop Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516  Buy Project 4516 Grandiflora Where to buy Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516 Buy Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516   We bring you,Project 4516 cultivated and released in a collaboration by Grandiflora Genetics and 2 Took farms .Where to buy Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516

                                                   This strain came to life in experimental happenstance. Grown to be something completely different, Project 4516 is the result of a happy accident in crossing strains during the grow process. Enjoy the glory that nature can bring with this incredible new strain by Grandiflora Genetics.Where to buy Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516

Project 4516  is majestic in its nostalgic qualities.  What  the nugs are heavily populated with trichomes that shine like the technologically advanced fictional country of its namesake, with deep purples, bluish violets, and three shades of green. When I opened the jar I was met with a sweet grapey, berry-like fragrance like a top notch GDP, that also had a lilac meets a mild lavender floral tone.Buy Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516

There is also a sour creaminess, with the presence of a faint rubbery gas element. The flavor is a lot more aggressive than the aroma. It has a strong, sour, acrid quality, with notes of coffee and some gas that was not fruity or sweet at all, which was a pleasant surprise when assuming that it would taste like it smelled.Order Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516

Now in the effects category Project 4516, is stoney but clear, I feel the stun, but it’s not fogging my mind. I felt very comfortable and content mentally. Physically I was enjoying the soothing anti-inflammatory power of this herb as it relaxed the aches of a long day away.Order Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516

While I still believe Ya hemi and Supercharger are superior, Project 4516 is still highly enjoyable, effective, and the nose reminds me of the best purples from back in the day, with a touch of something new.Buy Grandiflora Genetics Project 4516



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