Golden Lemon Kush


23% THC
2% CBD






Buy Golden Lemon Kush with BTC Where to Buy Golden Lemon Kush Order Golden Lemon Kush Online Golden Lemon Kush for Sale Buy Golden Lemon kush Online There’s just something about Amsterdam weed that makes you want more and more of it, and that’s probably what the duo at DNA Genetics was anticipating with Golden Lemon.

Sometimes seen as a plural, Golden Lemons, this bud is a cross between Jew Gold Cut and Lemon Skunk. The result is a slightly indica-dominant bud that’s big on flavor and strong in effect.Golden Lemon Kush for Sale

A fairly consistent 23% THC level can be found here, inviting more experienced users to indulge in a strong treat.

Highly resinous buds take on a bit of a flat silhouette with minimal pistils and small yet golden trichomes. As you’d expect from the name, both flavors and aromas take on a citrus note along with some sweetness and woodiness that helps to create a well-rounded bouquet.Where to Buy Golden Lemon Kush

Although Golden Lemon is only just slightly indica-dominant, you’d think you were smoking something far more sedative due to her strong effects.Order Golden Lemon Kush Online

A euphoric burst will hit you square between the eyes after a few puffs, leaving you feeling uplifted and super relaxed.Buy Golden Lemon Kush with BTC

Some users might experience a bit of energy at the onset of their experience, but a tingly and weighted body sensation will get the better of them in no time at all.Buy Golden Lemon Kush Online

If you’re particularly sensitive to cannabis, Golden Lemon may put you down for a nap with continued use.

Sometimes medicinal relief just can’t wait until nighttime, so for those who don’t mind being a little bit on the relaxed side during the afternoon, Golden Lemon is here to please.Buy Golden Lemon Kush Online

Above all else, mental concerns including stress and depression are melted away, with treatment for bodily pain coming in at a close second.Where to Buy Golden Lemon Kush

As previously mentioned, this strain packs quite a punch, and those who battle insomnia may want to light up a ton before bed.

Golden Lemon is a bit of a prized possession for home growers as she’s able to thrive in nearly any environment.Order Golden Lemon Kush Online

One word of caution, depending on the amount of space you have, is that mature plants can get very tall, so making sure you have enough room is key.Buy Golden Lemon Kush with BTC

Only 8 to 9 weeks is required before you’re ready to harvest, and her sticky buds are great for making concentrates.Golden Lemon Kush for Sale

Perhaps the only downside to this delicious bud is that she’s a bit hard to find on dispensary shelves, making Golden Lemon a needle in a haystack.Buy Golden Lemon Kush Online

Once you do get your hands on some, however, buy in bulk if you can to ensure you never have a stressful night again. With lovely flavors, strong effects, and the ability to help with a range of medical issues, this strain has become a favorite amongst cannabis connoisseurs.

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