Cookie Breath


30% THC




Weeds on Sale Where to Buy Cookie Breath Strain Cookie Breath Strain for Sale Order Cookie Breath Strains A rare strain that brings the best attributes of all hybrids into one powerful bud, Cookie Breath will instantly become your new favorite.

A three-way cross between Forum Cut GSC, OG Kush Breath 2.0, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, this bud offers a potent experience to anyone who can actually get their hands on some.

While THC levels can vary with this evenly-balanced strain, most note that it averages right around 30%. Nugs take on a beautiful look with rich and bright hairs along with a thick coating of amber trichomes.

The flavors and aromas that pair with a cookie type of strain certainly don’t disappoint, and while vanilla, herbs, and nuts all come along for the ride, so does a strong aroma of grapes and earth.

The sativa side of Cookie Breath starts off hard and fast, making this strain a great choice for helping you to get through a mid-afternoon slump.

Cerebral effects infuse a sense of energy and euphoria into everything you do and don’t be surprised if a case of the giggles comes along for the ride too.

As your experience continues, you’ll start to see indica effects that are pretty strong, and for many users, the munchies with a side of relaxation become the name of the game.

As it’s a pretty strong strain, those who indulge in Cookie Breath should be aware of their own limits as well as the effects they’re bound to experience.Where to Buy Cookie Breath Strain

Medical patients who need help getting through the day no doubt turn to this bud time and time again, and while her sedative effects don’t necessarily deem her a great wake and bake strain, you can utilize her powers toward the latter part of the day.Order Cookie Breath Strains

Cookie Breath is ideal for those who struggle with stress and depression, as everything will be seen through rose-colored glasses after just a few tokes.Cookie Breath Strain for Sale

Her high THC level also melts away pain including headaches and cramps, and those who have a hard time eating will find they have an appetite once more.Weeds on Sale

In most cases, Cookie Breath would be a welcome addition to anyone’s personal garden, but it seems that Stinky Steve may want to keep his recipe all to himself.

Dubbed a rare strain across markets nationwide, the chances of actually acquiring your own seeds or clones is slim to none. Sorry to burst your bubble, but sometimes the best things in life can be hard to find.Order Cookie Breath Strains

If and when you do get a chance to try this special strain, savor its complex flavors and buckle up for a wild mental and physical journey. Whether you’re looking for the best recreational experience of your life or you simply need a little extra help with certain medical conditions, Cookie Breath has your back.

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