Blue Box LA Kush


35.08% THC
0.6% CBD
Sativa-Dominant Hybrid







How to Blue Box Buy LA Kush Blue Box LA Kush for Sale Where to Buy Blue Box LA Kush How to Blue Box Buy LA Kush Buy Blue Box Los Angeles Kush You can’t talk about west coast kush without talking about Los Angeles Kush – a hard-hitting indica strain that represents the best of the west.How to Blue Box Buy LA Kush

A special and aggressive clone-only OG Kush, the LA Kush certainly came out of that area, tough not a ton else is known about its lineage.How to Blue Box Buy LA Kush

It seems to possibly have Diesel or Chem Dawg crossed into it, because the smell is very sharp and fuely, unlike most of the more traditional OG Kush cuts such as San Fernando Valley, Ghost’s OG, and Tahoe OG which have more of a spicy and citrus-pine quality to them.Where to Buy Blue Box LA Kush

If anyone has more concrete information on the genetic background and history of this particular OG Kush cut (this cut is NOT Abusive’s OG Kush, which took on the nickname “LA Kush” in the early-middle 2000’s, but a different one), please contact us.Blue Box LA Kush for Sale

Lineage :

Unknown lineage OG Kush clone, likely a “selfed” S1 OG Kush bagseed, possibly a Diesel cross

Story :

We received a comment on an earlier L.A. Kush review indicating that this particular cut may have come from a grower named “Strainger” in the Orange County area, grown from a single bagseed.Blue Box LA Kush for Sale
 This story is unconfirmed, but represents a possible piece of the puzzle.Order Los Angeles Kush Online
Aroma :
Very sharp and aggressive pine-heavy Kush scent, with strong hints of the “tire shop” rubber/fuel smell.How to Blue Box Buy LA Kush

Flavor :

The taste is just as aggressive as the smell, with slightly more citrus and fuel… very sharp, chemical, and acrid Kush.Buy Blue Box Los Angeles Kush

Qualities :

The aggressive” trend continues with the experience, starting off with a very strong package of head effects including lots of eye/face/temple pressure, racing thoughts, and a burst of energy. Despite the sheer potency of this strain.Shop Los Angeles Kush Online
The mindstate is still predominately clear and it doesn’t seem to inhibit mental function much at all.  This is a bit of an “extreme sport” type of strain that evens out in the second half of the duration, becoming a little more relaxing and like a typical OG.Buy Los Angeles Kush Online
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