Bixcotti Marijuana Strain


0.14% CBD
Hybrid ( 80% INDICA / 20% SATIVA )







Order Bixcotti Marijuana Strain Shop Bixcotti Marijuana Bixcotti Marijuana for Sale Buy Bixcotti Marijuana Strain The Bixcotti weed strain is one of the best selling exotic marijuana strain in the West Coast,it is highly consumed by rappers and celebrities because of its potent flavor and aroma,also it burns perfectly.Order Bixcotti Marijuana Strain

Bixcotti 80/20 indica dominant hybrid, that was created by crossing Gelato #25 with South Florida OG. The result is a classic cookies variety with an insanely delicious flavor profile. (Buy biscotti weed strain) order online medicinal marijuana

Order Hybrid, Indica or Sativa strains.Buy Bixcotti Marijuana Strain

History and Genetics of Bixcotti Exotic Strain

Cookies genetics have their roots in many of the best strains on the shelves. Many strains have their genetics and you might not even know it. So, note Bixcotti weed strain is a Cookies classic cross of a southern OG strain: Gelato #25 crossed with South Florida OG.Shop Bixcotti Marijuana

The Cookies Family genetics have been getting a lot of attention in the cannabis industry. Cookies Family genetics are potent indica-hybrids that have sweet and exotic aromatics. Girl Scout Cookies is the original cookies strain.Buy Bixcotti Marijuana Strain

It’s a secret F1 strain crossed Durban Poison and OG Kush. Gelato is a Thin Mints phenotype of GSC cross with Sunset Sherbet, per Leafly.  The #25 indicates the phenotype number chosen for that crop. These strains provides to buy Biscotti weed with its deep purple color and sweet taste.Where to Buy Bixcotti Marijuana

People say about the strain

  • A true pleasure to smell and smoke. Providing great pain relief whilst calming your anxieties. A great way to relax at the weekend or end of the day. It will help you drift off to sleep and give you those much desired sleep-ins in the morning.Bixcotti Marijuana for Sale
  • I had the bixcotti live resin and it was insane. If i could have it at the end of every day I would, all thank to Westcoast Nugz dispensary for making this possible.Shop Bixcotti Marijuana
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