Budderfly Infusions Choco


These are not your average chocolate bars. Budderfly Infusions choco(Min Order:15), This 6 portion bar is filled with creamy vegan ganache in 3 flavours. Next time you’re in Warmland, be sure to check out our selection of gourmet infused chocolate products from Budderfly Infusions. We are now stocking handmade 25mg THC vegan truffles (Hazelnut Maple; Peppermint; Raspberry; Mocha; PB & J) and 380mg THC tartinades (Hazelnut Maple; Peanut Butter).

About Budderfly Infusions

We are chocolatiers on a mission. The finest, dark, Colombian chocolate encases our rich, nutty truffle filling. Cannabis infused coconut oil and whipped nuts are the heart of our recipe



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