Count on Westcoastnugz to order Zushi cannabis online

Are you looking for potent strains to get you high quickly and keep this feeling for long? Well, then search for real Zushi weed. The hybrid strains of this brand are highly appreciated by cannabis fans worldwide for their mouth-watering flavors and optimal THC content. 

Ready to plunge into utter bliss with the selected marijuana strains? Then go ahead and order Zushi cannabis from the Westcoastnugz store. We pride ourselves on being the biggest dispensary in California, offering grade-A strains at prices that won’t make anyone incur a debt. 

The varieties of Zushi marijuana for sale

If diversity is what you appreciate when it comes to cannabis consumption, Zushi is your safe bet. 

Here is what Zushi marijuana varieties do we offer: 


  • Blue Zushi 

This Indica-dominant hybrid has about 20% THC content, offering a pleasant high even for newbie smokers. Blue Zushi is suitable for morning consumption. It helps to hit the right tune and feel calm and satisfied during the day. This strain can be easily distinguished by spicy herbal undertones and a pine scent. 


  • Wazabi Zushi 

This strain promotes an uplifting high and soothing effect. It also helps to alleviate pain and boost energy levels. Wazabi Zushi has 32.16% of THC that ensures a smooth high, not the immediate punch. This strain is more potent than Blue Zushi and suits both beginners and experienced smokers. 


  • Yellow Zushi 

This Indica-dominant strain provides one of the smoothest smoking experiences. It will be highly appreciated by people enjoying citrus and banana flavors. Yellow Zushi is good for treating nausea and painful sensations. It brings a pleasant high, not making you dive into deep relaxation. 


  • Zoy Zushi

Zoy Zushi is a potent strain with a rich THC level (about 32%). We do not recommend this strain for newbies and those who smoke weed for medical purposes only. Zoy Zushi may knock you down instantly. That is why unwise consumption may easily result in overdose. 

Buying Zushi strains online has never been easier. Please choose your favorite one and add it to the shopping cart. You can pay for your order with one of our secure payment options, from cryptocurrency to Zelle and Apple Pay. 

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