Los Angeles Kush: It’s always the right choice

When choosing your next strain to try, do you ever pay heed to the number of awards it has won? If you’re nodding now, then Los Angeles Kush deserves a high spot on your list of cherry-picked flowers. It’s both a marijuana strain and an LA-based dispensary that creates it, so don’t get confused.

At Westcoastnugz, we’ve got the full spectrum of cannabis strains from LA Kush for sale, including its namesake pride and joy. We deliver them in their exclusive brand packaging and always make sure the flowers are fresh. It’s time to decide on the coveted strain and how much of it you want.

Most popular LA Kush strains under the same roof

With LA Kush, you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re a recreational consumer looking for the all-round buzz, you’ll love its selection of THC-high hybrids. They come with all the attributes of traditional Kush at its best, not to mention their incredible aromas and flavors.

Marijuana patients will be satisfied with their options, too. At Westcoastnugz, you can buy Los Angeles Kush weed for a range of medical conditions. Trying to cope with chronic pain and depression? Have trouble drifting off at night? LA Kush is famous for its super-soothing Indicas that are proven to help with everything from pain to insomnia.

Whether you’re a patient or a consumer, we’ll deliver your selected LA Kush flowers anywhere you need. Order at least one oz, and we’ll get them to you for free!

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