Take a grab-and-go puff with THC and CBD vape pens

Westcoastnugz brings you one step closer to an outstanding cloud-chasing experience. This selection is replete with pre-filled pens and cartridges that will make even the pickiest vaper stop by for a while. They all contain premium-quality cannabis oil, either with THC or CBD extracts. Scour through our picks and buy vape pens online that you have always wanted to try.

These products are from established brands that have been around for a long time, such as Big Chief, Plug Play, Dabwoods, etc. We care about how your device feels and tastes, so we always double-check all the pens and carts that we showcase in our catalog. Steer clear of fakes with Westcoastnugz!

Choosing the best CBD vape pen or THC cart

Are you new to vaping cannabis? Although it’s not brain surgery, you want to know how to choose the right pen to take the plunge:

  • Type. Some THC and CBD vape pens are automatically activated as you take a puff, while others are button-operated. Decide what is convenient for you.
  • Voltage. Power settings allow you to adjust the strength of your puffs. Besides, if a device has them, it can be fine-tuned to avoid a burnt taste.
  • Purpose. Most devices are designed for only THC and CBD oils. If you’re about to indulge in dabs, you better buy a weed vape pen made for this very purpose.

These pens and carts are available in a range of strains. Feel free to select your preferred one when ordering them at Westcoastnugz.

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