Berner’s cookies strain – The ultimate THC powerhouse

Do you want to feel happy, creative, and friendly at the same time? You should definitely try Berner’s cookies weed, which comes laden with 27% THC. This sativa-dominant hybrid was created by a famous rapper, Berner, and is available in various flavors, including rich vanilla and nutty kush. It is a unique phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies that get you going within a few hits. You may feel like talking to people around you or simply enjoy the ‘high’. It serves as an excellent alternative for medical patients suffering from chronic pain, stress, depression, insomnia, or appetite loss.

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Where to get genuine Berner’s cookies online?

Given the legalization of cannabis in most states, one may find thousands of products on the market. However, not every supplier is genuine enough to deliver quality. It is not the case with Westcoastnugz. Since 2012, we have emerged as one of the best online dispensaries to buy Berner’s cookies strain with some great discounts on offer. You can check our feedback section to know what our existing customers have to say. We deliver your item discreetly and purge all the details, once the delivery is complete.

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